Forex trading signal, GBPUSD 24th September, 2014

GBPUSD is heading down in the next few days. But keep your eye on the ball. At the time of this chart you can see all the pressure of GBPUSD heading down.
Always cross check your chart before you place your trade. If it has moved significantly, then just wait for a pullback. It is just one trade, there will be many more trades along the way. Examine the chart carefully and see my reasoning for an entry below the break of the trend line.

Entry at: 1.6328,  Initial stop loss at: 1.6345,  First target: 1.6278,  Second target: 1.6198 , Third target:  1.6078

See chart below

Free Forex Signal


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Forex Signal 16 September, 2014

I am selling GBPJPY this morning. See my one hour chart setup below.

Short at  173.58

Initial SL 173.90

Target 1 :  172.60

Target 2 :  172.0

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Free Forex Signals 10 September 2014

Free Forex Signal 10 september 2014.

I am shorting AUDUSD.

Entry price:  .9150        Initial stoploss:  .9170   Target 1:  8929 Target2: .8658  Target3: .8371

This is a long term trade. See chart below. It is a weekly chart.
So this trade should last a few days or even a week or two to reach
all the stipulated targets. See targets on the chart.

weekly chart AUDUSD Free Forex Signals

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London open trading signal 8 September, 2014

London open trading signal. This signal is good for the next 7 hours.
Remember nothing is certain with trading. So follow your trading plan.
Follow your risk management plan accordingly. See chart below.


Entry 1.0895
Initial Stop Loss 1.0880
Profit Target : 1.0935

Forex trading strategy, forex signal

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USDJPY technical analysis 4th February 2014

USDJPY is still in a downtrend. See four hour chart below. Read my analysis below.

London trading hours technical analysis

To master yourself and your trades, you have to decide to look at the same thing over and over again. That means you must plan your trade and trade your plan. This is powerful because it works. If there is a trading setup based on your trading plan you place your trade. If there is no trading setup you stay aside. Waiting a powerful skill to learn if you want to master the art of trading successfully.

Here is my analysis for the next few days regarding the USDJPY pair, based only on the 4 hour chart. I have been shorting USDJPY since 31st January. The downward pressure is still on. As you can from the chart, there is consolidation the last 4 candles of the 4 hour chart. I have marked on the chart were I see price making a stop and reverse. There is a confluence of activities in that area. From pivot points there is resistance at 101.99. Former support area turn resistance lies inside 101.79 and 101.99. And the 50% fibonacci retracement (101.85) of the last downward leg from 102.93 high to 100.77 low.

What does this say, this area will be a strong area of resistance. So immediate price moves into this area on the 4 hour chart, you can drop down to a lower time frame (15min) to time your entry. That is what I call a trigger. I look for a pin bar, an inner bar or an engulfing pattern. Once any of these patterns occur at the aforementioned area, I will go short and place my initial stop loss accordingly. See the chart above, evaluate it for yourself, before placing your trade. The next four candle is expected at 13:00 EST. So you can go about your business and wait. If you day trade like I do, keep these price points in sight and just trade your plan. If I trade on the 5 minute chart for scalping, I really don’t bother about the direction on the larger time frame. I just trade my setups.

Look forward to sharing my complete London Open trade strategy soon. If you want to trade the London Close Strategy then go here. The London Close Strategy is highly effective.

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USDJPY 4 hours technical analysis

London trading hours technical analysis

USDJPy setting up nicely

See the chart is absolutely setting up for a beautiful move down. Remember, we don’t know what the market is going to do. That is the reason why have to hold unto your trading plan.

If price break and close below the upward trend line, you can go short. Since this is a 4 hour chart, depending on your platform my next four hour candle opens up at 9:00 am EST, that is 3:00pm CET for those like myself in Europe. So look at what happens. If the current 4 hour candle close below the trend line, then you may want to go short at 9:00 am EST.

The chart is explicit enough with the simple annotation. This is based on technical analysis. Remember the Federal reserve rate day and the statements usually will affect the move in the markets. For my daily trades I am done for today, 50 pips during the London Open taking from the 15 minute chart. See post here

Remember the USD Federal Open Market Committee Rate Decision (JAN 29) High Expected to leave at 0.25%. If you trade the news then this is usually big. I will be out of the markets as this happen. But if I have a break below my trend line, I will be entering the market with a mini-lot size until after the Fed’s annoucement.

The announcement of whether the Federal Reserve has increased, decreased or maintained the key interest rate. The FOMC meets eight times per year to decide on monetary policy. After each meeting policy decisions are announced. The main task of the FOMC is to set the monetary stance by fixing the overnight borrowing rate, which essentially sets short-term lending rates in the US. Through this mechanism, the FOMC attempts to affect price levels in order to keep inflation within the target range while maintaining stable economic growth and employment. The Federal Reserve’s Cash Rate Target decision significantly influences financial markets. Changes in rates affect interest rates for consumer loans, mortgages, bonds, and the exchange rate of the U.S. Dollar. Increases in rates or even expectations of increases tend to cause the Dollar to appreciate, while rate decreases cause the currency to depreciate. Unlike most central banks, the Federal Reserve does not announce an official target inflation rate, arguing independence and flexibility is necessary to implement monetary policy effectively.
The Federal Reserve issues a statement with every rate announcement. Because the decision itself is usually highly anticipated, the wording of the FOMC statement is usually as important if not more important than the actual interest rate move made by the central bank. The FOMC statement contains the Fed’s collective outlook on the economy as well as hints about future monetary policy while the change to interest rates is nothing more than a number. The statement provides clues on plans for the future.

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Happy trading.

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London trading hours is very profitable

London open trade

The London trading hours are very profitable hours to trade if you know what you are looking for. This is a very quick post to let you know what I am looking at this morning 29th January, 2014. So far so good, I traded my london open this morning and since the trades are taken off the 15 minute chart , there is no time to share it with you, but you can learn how this trades setup every morning during the European Open sessions. So this is a chart of my trade this morning and the profits 22 pips.

London open trade

London open trade 29 january 2014

As you can see from the charts. This morning I got 2 trades based on my London Open trade setup. This is a powerful time to trade the markets without every worrying. My risk on the first trade was just 10 pips and my reward was 22 pips, that is 1:2 risk reward. I re-enter the trade after a swing high was put in place with my stop coming just above the swing high. If you don’t understand this stuff, look forward to my email on Friday, I will have a PDF of my London Open trade setup complete with the risk management. If you not on my list for those receiving my longer term trade setups, then signup for my free Signal service

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USDJPY technical analysis 28 january 2014

Technical Analysis is great, because most of the time you are I do not have access to the kind of information that is really necessary to look at the fundamentals. Since you are trading human emotions, the activity of all traders show up in the price action on your chart. So the charts don’t lie.

Here is my own idea on how I will be trading the next few days. I am patiently waiting for the trigger. The Setup is already in place. See the chart below and then my analysis underneath.

USDJPY technical analysis

USDJPY technical analysis

As you look at the chart, this is a 4 hour time frame. See the fibonacci retracement. Price moved from a high of 104,81 to a low of 101,76. It has retraced to a 50% at: 103,28. So price is now hovering around this reversal area between 102,89 and 103,23. As long as price stay below 103,23. I will be looking at the lower time frame to look for a short.

For sure if price close below 102.50 I will be adding to my short position and hopefully price will move to a fib extension at 100.59. If the momentum continue, expect price to move down to 99.87. So take sometime to evaluate the chart. Note the levels and then drop down to a lower time frame if you day trade. But if you are a swing trader, then look for your entry as price move below the trend line.

Forex trading is awesome and boring when you know what your are looking for. Waiting is a strategy. If you are patient like a crocodile, you will hit when the prey is red and ready to go. So be patient and wait for the price to setup correctly.

If you want to enjoy trading, I encourage you to look read this post

London Close Strategy Review

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USDJPY end of week analysis and result of last signal

Introduction to USDJPY weekly analysis and results of Monday 21st January signal

If you saw my email on Monday and took the trade setup that occurred, congratulations. I closed my trade in profit and I hope you were patient enough to withstand the slight pullback that occurred before the pair finally moved. I have made quite a few trades on the pair on my day trading setups. You can do the same too. If you want to see the signal check post Free signals USDJPY January 21, 2014

See the chart below. This is daily time frame and read my analysis in preparation for next week. See all the levels I marked on the chart, very important to remember that the market does not move in a straight line. So always drop down to lower time frame to time your entry.

Free forex signal analysis

USDJPY technical analysis

I believe USDJPY is heading down for next week. Looking at the chart you can see the next level comes in at 101,21 the 50% fib retracement of the move from 96.99 low to 105.40 high. En route, expect a minor hesitation at 101,77. If 101.16 is broken expect the pair to move down to 100,16, the 61% fib retracement of the move from 96.99 to 105.40. Check your chart and don’t take any signals blindly. Always check your charts to make sure your entry is good and even better than mine.

Conclusion: My analysis is based on my trading style, so therefore trade my signals at your own risk. My signals will always be free. However, I believe if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a live time. Which will you chose, that I feed you with my once or twice a week signals or that you learn how to pin-point these setups yourself? If you are willing to learn six powerful and profitable forex patterns that occur all day including the all powerful London Close Strategy then Get it here

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Free Forex Signals 21 January 2014 USDJPY

Free Forex Signals. If you are not on my list then I encourage you to signup at Free Forex Signals so you can receive my signals free of charge directly to your email box.


Analysis of USJPY based strictly on technicals and how I personally trade.

If you look at the chart, this pair USDJPY just made a double top. This is telling you that sellers are lined up at those levels. Look at the support trend line. A break below the fibonacci level 23% at price level 104,10 will see this pair move down to the 103,50 area. So keep an eye for a break below 104.10. I have already placed my trade and my stop loss is at 104.75.

Conclusion and tips: Never take any trade blindly. Do your own analysis, be convinced that the setup is good before you pull the trigger. I am re-working my website and you will soon enjoy an elaborate explanation of my London Open trading Strategy. Mean while, check out the London Close Strategy and the awesome results it is producing. You will be surprised how boring trading can be, when you are doing it right.

May your trading day be successful.

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