day trading strategies

6 Proven Day Trading Strategies

See results under the video. Out of 787 total trades, 767 are winners, 1 is a loser and 19 are break evens.


Those who talk the winning game in trading outnumbered those who play the winning game. Listen to Shirley Hudson and focus on what she teaches and you will turn your trades results around. She walk the talk. You want Shirley to mentor you? Get the Recurring Pattern Strategies Today.

day trading strategies

Check the performance record since Shirley has been tracking these recurring pattern trades starting mid Nov. 2011. Quite impressive!

day trade results
day trading strategies

If you really want to be successful in your day trading career, then you have to find a winning trader and simply emulate them. This is the shortest way to become successful. Shirley Hudson has proven her day trading skills both as a trader and a mentor. One of the day trading strategies she trades is the London Close Strategy. The current success rate of this day trade strategy is 93%. Many people just cannot get it. But it is true. I hope you will drop everything and just focus on letting Shirley mentor you. So order the Recurring Price Patterns today and here is what you will get:

Question... What are the best Forex patterns to daytrade? Answer... Recurring Intraday Patterns!

Why?... Because currency patterns that recur consistently throughout the trading day provide the safest and best trading opportunities to the active Forex trader. Once a trader learns to recognize and master the nuances of these technical patterns, he can profit from them over and over again. With experience, these trade setups become predictable and easy to spot. We believe this is the formula to successfully trade the Forex consistently in the long run.

If you are interested in learning how to trade these money making patterns, then you should consider investing into this powerful day trading strategy course. It will revotionalized your trading. But first, many of you are very familiar with the amazing success our member Shirley Hudson has been enjoying in trading the London Close (12,000+ pips in 2 years with 93% accuracy). Since Shirley shared her incredible strategy with us in 2010, thousands of traders have taken advantage of the London Close strategy to profit from the Forex markets. Shirley continues to demonstrate her personal success with this incredible strategy by keeping up with her impressive track record. However, not all of you were able to take advantage of this strategy because you are not available to trade during this time frame. Many of you wanted to apply these techniques to other trading times.

Yes, on busy days, the London Close Trades are Shirley's bread and butter because they offer her a convenient, time-specific way of profiting from the market quickly and allow her to get on with her day.

But on days when she can devote additional time to trading, Shirley also trades reliable patterns that set up throughout the day. These trading patterns are based on tried and true techniques she's learned from our Coach's Corner Service which I host at

...And... in case you are wondering, her track record is just as impressive if not more so than the London Close trades. Here are her trading results for trading these non time specific patterns.

day trading strategies day trading strategies Unsolicited Testimony: "Just wanted to thank you for the excellent course you and Shirley have produced. For a long time i've enjoyed viewing your Saturday trade example and learnt so much from those techniques already to the point where i was using that style to trade anyway.This course is just what i needed to reinforce these trading styles and it's what i hoped for and more. I was glad to pay something to you in purchasing the course as i've learnt so much from your free stuff and owe you something .I look forward to the webinars as well." - Rob S
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