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Forex Trading Education For Beginning Forex Traders, Developing Forex Traders and Expert Forex Traders.

We provide the relevant and best forex education for you. Find forex training videos, with actionable steps you can take to improve your trading results.

If you are a new to forex trading go to Forex For Beginners. Below you find videos, pdf and articles.

Forex Videos

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Forex trading tutorial

Forex Trading Training

Forex education is key to your trading success. So take your forex trading training seriously. Follow the simple step by step training set forth in this tutorial and guide. Then get the London Close Strategy.
There are two basic forex trading accounts. The demo account which you can use to trade without risking real money and the live account in which you are required to deposit money before trading. You can open a demo trading account while you learn.
Moving averages (MA) are used to identify trends in forex trading charts as well as other markets. In fact they are the top technical analysis tool used in trend-following trading styles. I use moving averages extensively in my forex trading system. Below is an example of moving averages on my trading chart.
Support and resistance are levels on a price chart where current decline and current advance respectively are halted. Sometimes price will linger around this area before reversing. You will see how I use the daily pivot points as support and resistance in my intraday trading setup.

Forex Trading Strategy

Forex entry point is the most important aspect of any trade.In any high probability forex trade, the entry is the most important aspect of the trade. Your forex entry point strategy will make a difference between success and failure in your trading. Focus on waiting for your entry setup to confirm before taking your trade.
Forex money management is the act of managing your losses and keeping them small, while maximizing your winning trades. Forex Money Management is the most important piece of the puzzle in forex trading. If your desire is to become a successful forex trader, then give a great deal of your time in studying forex money management rules.
In forex trading your exit strategy is the last part of your trade. First we dealt with the forex entry point strategy. After the entry point, we dealt with the management of a trade. If you have not read the money management page, then I urge you to do so at forex money management. If you have cover the entry and money management aspects of trading then you can proceed to the last part, which is exit strategy.

*The best forex training is simple to learn and after you complete this, you should have the basic tools to become an independent, confident, self-empowered forex trader

Forex Trading Education

The best forex trading education that you will find on this website is simple. If you are new to forex you will find all the best of forex on this website. My simple forex trading strategy will help you become an independent forex trader, by looking at the market in a very unique way. The simple tools and strategy will help you grasp the truth about forex trading, the huge posibilities and above all the ability to make sound decisions that will lead you to become an independent and successful forex trader.

How To Become Successful In Forex Trading

To become successful at forex trading, knowledge is required. Before you can come up with a workable trading plan, you need to acquire the knowledge and skills to implement what you learn. This site is setup in such a way that you will learn, acquire knowledge,implement the strategy and grow your trading account steadily without fear of loss. That said, to tell you the truth, forex trading is not for everyone. The raw emotions during live trading is not easy for some to handle. So learn who you are and how you handle these emotions. Everything you do during your education, should be intentional.

Another problem that you definitely will encounter is high leverage. I lost a lot of money over leveraging my account. For a micro account of say $500. I will encourage you trade just 1 micro lot. That way you will learn a lot during your losses, but you will still be trading. However, if you over leverage your account as I did and as many new traders do, then you will lose your account several times over, without learning how to manage your emotions. So if you are going to try live trading with a small capital like say $200, then trade only 1 micro lot at a time. You will learn a lot along the way. Discipline is required.

95% of aspiring forex traders fail. Why? One word: Mindset

Would you like to be in the 5% group that do succeed?

If yes, then listen up. I am not a guru and all what I write here is out of experience from my own mistakes. Forex trading education is the key to your success as a forex trader.So take this free forex trading tutorial on this site seriously. Use my free forex trading strategy, test it on demo, tweak it to fit your need and test it.

You need Only a Few Tools To Trade Successfully.

This site is designed with that thought in mind. I have taken a few tools you really need and explain them in the simplest way for anyone to understand. The goal of this site is to help you prepare your mind to become a simple yet successful forex trader.

How This Forex Trading Website is Setup

Look at the left menu. It is simple. If you are new to forex, then you can start from the menu and read through step by step. If you have tried forex before then just go straight to my forex trading system. My forex trading system is the best forex trading system. It has helped me become a successful forex trader after about 6 years of trying. Started trading live forex account since 2005.

Are you ready for the best forex has to offer? Then get set for a good ride on this site.

Ready to get going with your forex trading education, then goto Forex Trading Tutorial

Take your forex education seriously. If you don't invest the time to learn and learn well, you will lose a lot of time and money. However, if you invest initially to learn forex trading and get started well prepared, you will avoid lost time and money that most new traders experience.
Are you new to forex trading, then I strongly recommend the course Beginning Forex Trader. This course comprised of clearly laid out video and audio designed to take you from A-Z of Forex Trading.You will learn everything you need to know to start trading the Forex the right way.Highly Recommended

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